Spray Hand Sanitizer 250ml antibacterial and antiviral. Effective against most common germs.
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24 K Gold & Hyaluronic Acid Royal Serum provides skin with its effective age-fighting benefits, ensuring a good hydration and a better firmness, thanks to the collagen synthesis. Its delicate texture and its gold colour transform the care in a luxurious moment and an...
It’s small hygroscopic molecules penetrate the skin and restore balance of the water in the cellules, while filmogenic polymers capture and retain moisture on the surface of the skin and prevent it from evaporation and desiccation. By this way, our mask works in two ways: on...
Delfy Thermal water spray has soothing and anti-irritating benefits .
Scrub N1 magnetic This new facial scrub with magnet particles will offer a new protocol in the facial scrub treatment. Our transparent gel mixed with very pure black magnetite powder will allow you to scrub your face with high performances. Once the care is done, the...
Delfy Extra firming gel for Neck with Caviar extract is a restorer, revitalizing and rehydrating treatment. A new cream, presented in spheres suspended in gel with hyaluronic acid, restorer enriched with caviar extract skin.
Cleansing Milk This creamy formula deeply cleanses and removes makeup with Olea Europa Fruit Oil and Orchis Mascula Flower Extract. CN: 201307.0  
SPA CREAM Moisturising and protective cream for manicure and pedicure. Royal Jelly increases the moisture content of the skin which in turn helps treat dry, damaged skin. The formula ab- sorbs quickly, leaving the hands moisturized for longer. The creamy, gentle texture...
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Blemish Control Royal Green serum reduces the extra production of melanocytes. By this way, it not only reduces existing spots, but also prevents new blemishs' appearance.  Thanks to the "White Capsules" in combination with natural ingredient  - Bellis Perenis and Vitamin...
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Scrub N2 Golden  This precious facial treatment is a refreshing facial scrub. Its non-oilytexture glides on skin to help exfoliation. It provides gentle cleansing toreveal beautiful and radiant skin. Small particles of diamond-like Corindon and Pearl gently cleanse the skin...
Anti-pollution and repair mask for all skin types, even the most sensitive ones.
Delfy Antioxidant Neck Cream with Coenzyme Q10 is an effective anti-ageing treatment, presented in spheres suspended in soft cream gel with hyaluronic acid, which helps fight against the effects of ageing on the skin. Skin reborns smoother, luminous, hydrated and visibly...
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