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We create an Intelligent Cosmetics with sophisticated, unique design.  

Cosmetics specially created for sensitive skin - formulas developed on the basis of completely hypoallergenic ingredients, do not contain parabens and chemically toxic substances. Your safety is our priority!

When working on a new project, our main challenge is always to create the formulation, that will be focused to solve  fully the problem that we set, for 100%.  We carefully choose the material based on multiple researches, using the world-leading  technologies, innovative formulations combining with unique design. 

Another important factor, that makes us unique in the market is the variety of our lines: we present the products for both, for professional and personal use in make-up, skincare and nail care fields. 

All materials are strictly controlled by healthcare professional laboratory, which is guaranty of products safety and efficacy.  

#Crueltyfree, #Parabenfree #hypoalergical 

Delfy Cosmetics is an extremely fast growing international brand operating from western Europe and  presented in almost 20 countries around the world...

Our history

Delfy was founded in 2015 in UK and 2016 in Spain. Nowadays the company main office is located in Spain, 45 km from Barcelona Prat airport. Delfy is 100% family owned company. Co-owners are also partners in life, owners are daily involved in Delfy products creation and design and they offer products to customers only after they really like them.

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