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The first, unique, luxury fragrance, where we present 2 absolutely different scents in combination, in the separate bottles, connected with elegant leather strips. Couple of fragrances, that allow you to spray them together, creating unforgettable scent or separately.

After spending of 2 years in the capital of the perfumery – Grasse, France, we have created an exclusive mix of fragrances that perfume molecules perfectly match with each other and gives to you the unique unforgettable smell. 

Concept of dualism is the philosophy of our new luxury pair of perfume, describing how seemingly opposite or contrary forces may actually be complementary, interconnected, and interdependent in the natural world, and how they may give rise to each other as they interrelate to one another.

These 2 energies can’t exist without each other. They attract one another, moreover, they they look at each other in themselves.

Capacity: 50ml / 50ml. 

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