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Eau de perfume

Main Components: Iris, Patchouli, Chocolate, Vanilla, Tonka.

Exotic mix of Iris, Patchouli and Strong Tonka, with the light accent of chocolate and all this accompanied by Sweet Vanilla, makes unforgettable oriental scent, unisex. 

Our “Spicy Tonka” is created for the once with strong personality, who do love the Oriental scents and do not afraid different views. 

Iris is a beautiful flower with origins in Italy and Morocco. It takes on all the colours of the rainbow but is most commonly known for it’s purple and blue petals. The flower itself actually carries little scent. It’s the roots (‘Orris’) that hold the scented magic but only one species is used in fragrance – Iris Pallida.

Tonka bean have a strong scent, mix of almond, cinnamon and vanilla. 

Made in France


Spicy Tonka
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