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A concealer is a type of cosmetic product that is used to mask
dark circles, age spots, large pores, and other small blemishes visible on
the skin. It is similar to foundation, but thicker and used to hide
different pigments by blending the imperfection into the surrounding skin

Concealers - will purely and simply disguise any blemishes or
shadows. They are normally similar in color to foundation
tones and most are quite translucent so will allow the color
of whatever you are trying to disguise to show through
unless you spend a long time working on it.
Stick concealer – used mostly for face contouring. Use after your foundation.

How to use:
Apply a small amount of Delfy’s
corrector on your skin blemishes
and cover with a sponge, brush
or fingertips.
It is important to use the
corrector before your make up,
after primer or face moisturizer.

concealer stick: 4.5g.
Liquid concealer: 2ml

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