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Brush n.16  Eye brush for creamy eye liner. Used to draw both fine and dramatic lines. That is why it is ideal for both day and evening make-up. Its flexible applicator will create great comfort while doing makeup. This brush is especially comfortable for...
Fall/Winter 2021/22 New Collection available from Now! Double Volume mascara creates extraordinary massive volume without weighing down lashes.  Its innovation and the brush affect even the smallest eyelashes, giving them maximum volume from base to tip. This Mascara...
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24 K Gold & Hyaluronic Acid Royal Serum provides skin with its effective age-fighting benefits, ensuring a good hydration and a better firmness, thanks to the collagen synthesis. Its delicate texture and its gold colour transform the care in a luxurious moment and an...
How to use: For apply a different types of blush from our collection, we recommend to use a brush N8,9 or 10, depending you are contouring you face or just working on your cheekbone area. For your best result, its recommended first to use a foundation, to even your skin...
Delfy Moisturizing Eye Cream with Caviar extract is a treatment specially developed for the delicate eye area, presented in soft cream spheres suspended in gel, which provides an extraordinary feeling of relaxation and freshness. Caviar extract incorporated in its formula...
How to use: Highlighter is an almost final step of your make-up. Use it after foundation, setting powder and blush. Apply it on the face by using a fan brush (our brush N8, N9) or brush for contouring (our brush N10) Apply a bit of highlighter from your temples to the tops...
Delfy Duo Mascara/Liner Black Mascara corrects your eyelashes and makes them more visible.  Easy to remove.  Volume: 2.5x2
Water Proof Foundation is available in 11 different shades, from the lightest natural colour to the darkest cappuccino colours.
T his is an absolutely innovative system that renews the skin cells, calms the irritated surface and acne, at the same time smooths the skin, leaving it boosted without defects. Complex mixture esters from jojoba oil and hydrogenated jojoba oil functions as an...
Water Proof Foundation is available in 11 different shades, from the lightest natural colour to the darkest cappuccino colours.
Brush n.15 This brush is ideal for applying a creamy liner on the eyes. Its sharp shape will guarantee the maximum comfort when doing makeup. Especially comfortable for creating dramatic lines. It can also be used for lip contouring or decorative works...
Extreme Hydrating facial cream with Caviar Extract and Elastin. Its advanced formula helps to increase deep hydration to support healthy skin elasticity. The roller technology guaranties a penetration of cream deeply into the skin and makes process more...
N2 Eye shadow brush The medium-sized brush has a slight fan that means it's easy to apply the perfect amount of eye shadow. USAGE GUIDE Wash in a water. For better result, it’s recommended to use Delfy Face cleansing mousse. Never dry with using any kind of high...
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